Laser Tattoo Removal | Brisbane & Sunshine Coast
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Laser Tattoo Removal

Treatment Costs & Information

Laser Tattoo Removal Prices per session

• $50 for a small tattoo 3 square inches.
• $80 size of a business card ( 7 square inches)
• $150 size of CD cover ( 25 Square inches)
• $250 1/2 arm sleeve
• $350 1/2 Back or full sleeve

Help Yourself Clear the Ink Faster

In tattoo removal, the laser does most but not all of the work. What’s left to do after those white puffs disappear into the air? It’s time for your own body to get to work.

The healthier you are on the INSIDE the better the results

Drink More Water

It helps flush the ink away, it also helps decrease the inflammation you experience right after treatment.

Improve Your Diet

Your diet is also a key part of the process. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables provide lots of liver supporting vitamins and minerals, and the additional fibre can help pull the toxins out of your body.


When you exercise – either by doing cardio or lifting weights you’re increasing your circulation, bringing those macrophages to the broken-up ink for faster pick-up. Keep in mind, though, that you must wait at least a day (sometimes more) so your tattoo can cool off until you begin exercising again, since the extra heat may cause blistering and prolonged healing time.

Things to Consider

Tattoo removal is an extensive procedure and there may be some risk involved if the appropriate care is not taken by you. A medical examination and a clean bill of health is required before treatment. If you need further information about the tattoo removal process I recommend speaking with your medical practitioner beforehand.

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